Prescription for Life and Rumi’s Cow

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Dx, Rx.

You may recognize these as abbreviations for Diagnosis (Dx) and Prescription (Rx). Melody Moezzi writes how the poet and mystic helped her deal with life’s challenges. Her book is structured into ten chapters with a diagnosis such as depression or anxiety and the Rumi prescription. Here are helpful insights.


“Every time I write something new it makes me feel less alone.” Moezzi says that immitation, wanting more, and the pursuit of status is misguided. And, she realizes that viewing her writing as a status is a mistake. It is the writing as creation, as penning original ideas and thought, that is healing. Find what you love and create, or invent, or do whatever it is that you do. Love the process. Invent, don’t imitate.

The story of Rumi’s Cow reminded me of my mother, of the incessant worrier, and–if I’m being candid–of myself.

Moezzi’s father tells her: Like Rumi’s cow. You know, the one who always worries he will run out of grass. That is who you sound like…. Just like this cow, always you have had more than you need. But still you worry that one day you might not have enough. So stop. (p. 131)

Poetry has been a balm for what ails me as well. This made the memoir engaging, along with the lessons from a father’s love and a great poet’s legacy.


The Rumi Presciption: How an Ancient Mystic Poet Changed My Modern Manic Life, Contents



*Rumi’s Cow

A fat cow grazes on a lush green island pasture.

For years she feeds daily; still every night she fears disaster.

You’ve eaten well since birth; in no nutrient are you deficient.

Quit fretting for tomorrow; your lot has always been sufficient. (Moezzi, p. 131)

*Favorite verse from Chapter 1, Diagnosis of Wanting.

Why seek pilgrimage at some distant shore,

When the Beloved is right next door? (Moezzi, p. 26)

Feb 18, 2023


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