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About me

I grew up listening to my parents’ stories from far corners of the planet. As a child in Saigon, I attended a French school but did not speak French or Vietnamese. This began my fascination with language and story. In the family business, I did more laundry than most humans do in a lifetime. This motivated me to explore what else the world had to offer.

So, I jumped out of planes and helicopters, led soldiers, managed human resources, taught in college, and raised three children.  And, I still do a lot of laundry.

As a young mother, I relished the moments of sanity that can come from writing, which grew from a hobby into a habit. I have a particular fondness for words, music, and the power of story, especially when they make me laugh, lift my spirits, and yes, reduce me to a sniveling pool of tears.

I’ve been devouring writing of all kinds for decades; my books are dogeared, marked-up, and loved. I share the best writing I’ve come across in TreeHouseLetter. Click below to learn more.

Where’s the TreeHouse?

I took my children out of school to travel. At home, class was tucked in behind my bedroom. The “TreeHouse” is three floors high and surrounded by poplar and birch. We moved a love seat, added a secretary, and threw up a white board for a schoolroom.

Why the Letter?

Friends asked how it was going and I began writing the TreeHouseLetter. The exchange of letters is a ritual I shared with my father. This one-sided format is a dying art I want to hold on to. It gives me an expansiveness to stretch, detour, examine, and open my heart.

Read TreeHouseLetter If You Like Words and Good Writing

Be inspired by the best writing and ideas.
Become a better reader and a better writer.

Reading and writing have been a part of a lifelong search for meaning and truth. My main concern is how to be a better person.

In my graduate studies, I wanted to explore the overlap of Buddhism and Stoicism. I focused instead on the craft of writing. This tapped into my love of words, years of close reading, and my passion for music. Together, these give my life a richness and depth that I want to share.

Along the way, I have found the occasional glimpse of beauty and a moment of the sublime. After years of publishing the TreeHouseLetter, I developed ideas about what makes good writing sing, why it stays with us. These are regular writing features, with 2 to 10 minute reads.

The Music in Prose: The best writing and ideas out there
Poetry for Emergencies: For love, death, heartbreak, milestones
Toolbox: Tools to improve writing for ages 9 to 99

What I’ve learned has helped me become a better reader, a better writer, and most importantly, it has helped me learn how to become a better person.

I use the words how to because I fall short more than I would like, but I keep the goal in sight.

Become a better reader and writer today: try the TreeHouseLetter for free.

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MyLinh loves adventures in the world as much as adventures of the mind, whether that is on the page or in the realm of music. Piano lessons began when she was five years old; violin, in grade school; and the folk harp, after the birth of her children so as not to wake them.

Playing piano soothes her soul and has the capacity to transport her from the mundane. She likes to bike and walk, and is a mediocre runner at middle-age. She started yoga, the kind suitable for an inflexible body and someone slightly out-of-shape.

Mylinh covers numerous topics in her writing. She wrote for the Tampa Tribune, taught in college, and managed human resources. In the Army, she had the great privilege to lead U.S. soldiers at the end of the Cold War in a reunified Germany. In the twelfth class at West Point that admitted women, she was a Cadet Captain and Captain of the Women’s Track Team.

MyLinh holds a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Queens University and a Master in Business Administration from Florida Southern College. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy, West Point.

She mentors students interested in college and the armed forces, she continues to support the military community as a board member of the Night Stalker Foundation, and she is a panelist for U.S. Senator Christopher Murphy’s Military Academy nominations committee.

MyLinh is married to her classmate and they have three grown children.